PROSTORMER Nastavitelná Teplota Pájení Železa 60W 110/220V Sada Příslušenství pro Pájení spojů Opravy Kit s Nářadím

Dostupnost: Skladem

214.17 Kč 128.54 Kč

Popis produktu

  • Číslo Modelu: PTHT2183
  • havya seti: pyrography
  • Rozměry: 20*20*20 cm
  • Teplotní Stabilita: 1 ' C
  • Značka: prostormer
  • Vstup Voltagle: 110/220V
  • lehim havya: Pájecí Stanice
  • soldador electrico electronica para: Pájení
  • Výstupní Výkon: 60W
  • Výstupní Teplota: 100-450 'C
  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • soldeerbout: Pájecí pistole
  • ferro de solda: Pájení Nástrojů
  • fer souder: Elektrická Páječka
  • lutownica: cautin para soldar electronica
  • Pájecí: Pájení Kit
  • Plynové Páječky: Páječka
  • Je Inteligentní Zařízení: No


Komaorovao941 | 2020-11-20

Thank you! A wonderful soldering iron, in the kit sent 10(!) interchangeable stacks and an adapter for the euro socket. I recommend the seller, fast shipment of the goods, came the very first of the list of orders. Within $10, this soldering iron is out of competition, just and there is everything you need.

5 / 5

Helg A28 | 2021-01-30

The soldering iron came with a European plug. Heater resistance 540 Ohm. Unlike old versions, there is no LED on the board and a current limiting resistor for it. On overheating did not check, because. I did not order for myself.

5 / 5

Voropaeva Ann | 2020-12-25

Delivery 21 days, track tracked all the way. The parcel came without damage. The tool has a quality assembly and installation of parts. The power cord is well soldered and fixed with a clamp. The tip of the soldering iron is well lit, the solder is distributed evenly. Increase the resistance of the current limiting resistor to reduce the heating temperature, as advised in some videos, I do not plan yet. At the minimum value of the temperature regulator, the solder I use is practically not melting. At the same time, it should be noted the noticeable heating of the handle of the device. And if there was no rubber gasket on the case, it would be very problematic to keep it during operation. I need to add that I got a soldering iron with an American plug, which has flat pins. Adapter to it for connecting to our sockets in the kit is also available, but very flimsy Assembly, so I used mine.

5 / 5

Gogaua Dp | 2020-12-06

Soldering iron for 40₽ Shipping 1,5 weeks Want to buy goods too, join us: Download the Telegram app, if you are looking for the best deals, check out all the discounts, coupons and stock and not only on AliExpress

5 / 5

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