150W*2 TPA3116 D2 Dual-channel Stereo High Power Digitální Audio Zesilovač Deska s TL074C OZ

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292.07 Kč 248.29 Kč

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RM1307731645749055 Čip Typ: DUAL TPA3116d2 Napětí: DC12-26V Výstupní výkon: 150Wx2 Počet kanálů: 2-kanálový Duální výstup Výstupní impedance:2-8OHM Velikost: 104*68*17 MM Čistá hmotnost: 85g Doporučuje Reproduktoru: 4 OHM Široké napětí: 26V vstup PBTL program, Duální čip.Podporuje 2 ohm zatížení TL074 op amp, 150W na kanál

  • Značka: TCXRE
  • Číslo Modelu: TPA3116
  • Programy: 2 (2.0)
  • Maximální Výkon Na Jeden Kanál: 131-200W


Bronze Boy | 2020-12-14

The goods received no complaints.

5 / 5

Iorfianto | 2020-11-07

Real (net) power without distortion on load 4ома-45-50 Vt. There is an unpleasant high-frequency squeak of changing tonality, similar to a boiling kettle. The squeak is heard at medium and below medium volume. The urinal is present even if you twist the input potentiometer to zero position. Reducing the gain factor of 3116 by changing the resistive divider of the Squeak did not eliminate. Soiled micro tl074 (pre-amplifier) and put the jumpers from the output of the potentiometer immediately on the capacitors before the input of the TRA 3116. After this development, the squeak has disappeared. But there is a slight noise if the potentiometer is in the middle position, there is no noise in the extreme positions. Gain in this case is enough, also gives out clean 45-50 watts. Still in my board one of the six electrolytes of the wrong rating-instead of 330 μf-100 μF. The seller is not sociable.

3 / 5

Manauregee | 2020-09-27

Up to Perm 2 weeks. It came in a bag and foamed polyethylene. Shakes adequately, assembled with it bumbox of 5 "speakers.

5 / 5

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