MC-265360 890mAh Replacemeny Baterie Pro Amazon Kindle 4 D01100 S2011-001-S DR-A015

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MC-265360 890mAh Replacemeny Baterie Pro Amazon Kindle 4 D01100 S2011-001-S DR-A015 modname=obrázky&cols=1&colspace=0&rowspace=0&align=center

  • Číslo Modelu: MC-265360
  • Vhodné pro: Pro Amazon Kindle 4 D01100 S2011-001-S DR-A015
  • Kapacita baterie(mAh): 0-1300mAh
  • Položka: Mobilní Telefon Replacemeny Baterie
  • Kapacita: 890mAh
  • Originální nebo Ne: Kompatibilní
  • Certifikace Kvality: ce
  • Značka: KiKiss
  • Baterie: Dobíjecí Li-ion Polymer Baterie
  • Původ: KN(Původu)


Alex Guly | 2020-09-12

Put. Works

5 / 5

Allan Ocsan 14 | 2020-12-09

1) came discharged in 0, so after installation in the reader it did not burn. I even started to think I was sent a non-worker. But after a while she started. 2) the set of tools in the kit is not suitable (was ready for this, in all reviews write) 3) the train is slightly shorter, you need to cut a rubber band in the dagger (again was ready for this, a bunch of reviews about this) 4) to MSC somewhere 1,5 months 5) packed norms 6) somewhere 5 days with the included WiFi and purely symbolic page rolling dropped the charge level by 1 division.

4 / 5

Rompe Spice | 2020-09-27

On charging sucked 1383 MA * H, on the test discharge current of 50 Ma gave 844 MA * H, which is slightly lower than the claimed, but close enough. The book was almost normal. The horizontal part of the train is 2mm shorter than the original one, therefore, when installed, I had to remove the rubber band from the battery niche and move the battery to the wall, after which everything was connected without problems. The book works, does not give any errors, in the diagnostics there is a certain battery ID. The reader certainly began to live longer (with the old cut out in an hour), for now on the 3rd day about 90%, but sometimes briefly connected to the computer for pumping books and updates. Due to the fact that the battery does not carry the plane-drove through Kazakhstan to Moscow, and after 3 days in Ufa, the parcel brought home a courier sdek.

5 / 5

Joldasbek 81 | 2020-10-18

I never sent an order. Two weeks the brain

1 / 5

Cdrthetcb | 2020-08-21

Батарея пришла почти с нулевым зарядом - что не очень хорошо, для этих батарей. В комплекте было три отвертки, но ни одна из них, не подошла.

3 / 5

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